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Welcome Sweetwater Program Challenge Students and Parents,

I am excited to welcome all of my Program Challenge students to this great new year.  I plan to provide many fun and challenging learning opportunities for my students.

Some helpful information about the start of our year:

Program Challenge is a resource room with students spending one day per week in the gifted classroom.  Students will be studying units meeting gifted students' special needs based on county curriculum guidelines while meeting Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at: rhonda.grizzle@douglas.k12.ga.us

   Program Challenge newsletters will be sent home to update you on Program Challenge events.

***Please get involved in your child's gifted education.  Please join DCAGC!  This organization is a strong county parent group which meets three times per year at the board office.  Summer opportunities, specific elementary and middle school needs, baccalaureate and honors programs are just a few of the possible topics discussed at these meetings.  Theses meetings are also a wonderful time to meet other parents with gifted children who can share with you possible ideas and information to help meet your child's needs at school and at home.  DCAGC dues are used to provide needed materials and professional development opportunities for the gifted program in Douglas County.

***You do not have to join DCAGC in order to attend the meetings.

Thanks so much for your support.

Go Knights!