Alyce Browder Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Second Grade



Ed. S.                     Kennesaw State University
2016                       Major: Instructional Technology
M. Ed.                   Mercer University
2009                       Major: Early Childhood Education                           
B.S.                        University of Tennessee, Knoxville
1995                       Major: Retail and Consumer Service Management

Certificates and Endorsements:

K-5                         Early Childhood Education
K-12                       English for Speakers of Other Languages
K-12                       Instructional Technology Specialist


            One of the greatest things that a person could do is to teach. In a way every person that has had some influence in our lives has been a teacher to us. A mother, a grandmother, a sister, a brother, a best friend each has had some influence in a child's life. They may have fostered that child's compassion for others, or taught them how to cook, or they might have even shown them how to be responsible, but in some facet they have nourished their minds. My philosophy is like that of so many teachers, administrators, and parents to do whatever it takes to make sure that every child has opportunity to achieve greatness.

          I believe that each student has the potential to succeed; it is the objective of the teacher to expose it. I am a strong believer of differentiated instruction. Since I have been in the school system I have not come across any classroom that has children that learn and at the same pace and teaching style, and I don't think that I ever will. When a schools student body is highly diversified, so should our teaching strategies. I understand that there are some students that learn better by listening, and others who learn by doing hands on activities. I will cater my lesson plans to cover a vast array of different areas and skills. 

          I believe that it is my duty to encourage students to take an active approach to their learning. I want to awaken their minds by encouraging discussion, questions, performance, imagination, and reading. When students that are actively making an effort to learn it encourages other students to participate. I will give my students an opportunity to express what they have learned in many ways such as writing papers, presentations, art work, technology, and musical performances when available. Just as each student learns differently each student also expresses themselves differently as well.

          What I want students to walk away with at the end of each term is a better awareness of how talented and special they are... I want them to know that I believe in them and that they should also believe in themselves. I also want my students to strive for excellence everyday, even if they are not in a classroom. I want them to know that you have to make your own opportunities. Your future is not a matter of chance.
It's a matter of the choices you make. It's not something you wait for.
It's something you must actively pursue.  They should know that there are consequences for all of their actions, so they should always make wise decisions in life. One of my motto's at school is to, "Expect Excellence Everyday" and that's what my students will do.