Christopher Boberg Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Third Grade



Bachelor of Arts:  Major:  Elementary Education - Florida International University, Miami, FL (2003-2005)

Elementary Education Certification

ESOL Endorsement



    Teaching Experience

Hialeah Elementary School, Hialeah, FL                                                     8/2005-12/2005

Student Teacher


Managed classroom of 3rd grade, self-contained ESOL levels 1, 2, and 3, assume all responsibilities including professional development, parent contact, student assessments, planning, classroom management, and faculty and grade-level meetings.  Collaborate with cooperating teacher to design curriculum and modify lesson plans and assessments to meet the needs of low-level learners; perform basic administrative duties such as recording attendance and supervising computer-learning time blocks.

Taught several lessons in mathematics using manipulatives and graphic displays to foster understanding of

abstract concepts for students of various learning levels.

Modified several assessments incorporating pictures and vocabulary where necessary to enhance student

motivation and understanding.

Performed project-based science experiments including studies done over a period of time where students could

make predictions and form hypothesis, record findings, compare and contrast results, make assessments, and

draw conclusions based on findings.

Used technology and the internet to support lessons including current events, literature, and science activities.

Achieved an excellent rapport with students and parents and established an efficient and effective physical,

social and educational environment, providing high expectations for learner progress and learner success.


Sweetwater Elementary School, Lithia Springs, GA                                    8/2006-present



   1 year at fifth grade

  10 years at third grade




Professional Training and Experience


Attended: Harry Wendelstedt School for Professional Umpires

(January of 1990 and 1991)


Professional Baseball Umpire Corps - St. Petersburg, FL                                                                  6/1992 - 11/2002


Managed the progress, rules, conduct, judgments, and overall integrity of professional baseball games.  Rendered important decisions quickly and as accurately as possible under the simple concept of common sense and fair play.  Collaborated with league presidents, administrators, and team officials for the purposes of reporting incidents and recommendations for the betterment of the respective leagues.  Worked closely and tirelessly with umpire supervisors to assess and evaluate performance for individual improvement.  Made extensive travel and boarding arrangements.  Enforced the anti-tobacco policy as well as any other policies implemented to halt infractions detrimental to professional baseball. 


     -     Worked in five Major League exhibition games from 2000-2002




Community Activities

       Youth basketball coach - 14 years.  Organized league and players.  Hired coaches and set league parameters.

          Youth baseball coach - 5 years

          Sunday school teacher, 3rd grade- 1 year

          Church youth group leader -3 ½ years.  Organized outings and activities.  Designed and taught lessons and

            promoted feedback.  Led music portion.

         Church praise and worship musician - 2 years.  Guitar.  

          Board member, director, producer, writer, actor, GraceLife Players 2012-present

          Assisstant director with Christian Fellowship Theatre 2015-present

Christian Fellowship Theater


This is my twelfth year at Sweetwater and I find I'm learning everyday, right along with the children who enter my room.  I strive everyday to boost their self confidence, self esteem, and academic skill levels...finding the task to be both challenging and rewarding. From the time I was a teenager I've worked with children in some capacity but never in such an important position as the one I'm in now.  I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, the son of teacher-parents, where Fenway Park was only an hour away.  Red Sox fans such as myself suffered for years until 2004 when we came from 3 down to beat the Yankees, and swept the Cardinals in the World Series!!! Then the Rockies in 07 and the Cardinals again in 2013.(sorry Mr. Sherman)  Baseball was such a big part of my life that I took a ten year detour, chasing a pipe dream to become a Major League Umpire.  From 1992 until 2002 I traveled the country, calling balls and strikes, safes and outs, working my way toward my goal.  If there is a small city nestled somewhere between the purple mountains and amber waves of grain, I've probably been there.  When I joined the honorable ranks of the 99% of those who don't make it to the top, I got back to what it was I started way back in 1984... a degree in elementary education. I love to write and do a little acting.  I've been married to the lovely Tracy for 20 years during which time we have lived in North Carolina, Florida, and now Georgia.  We are the proud parents of beautiful twin girls, Molly and Natalie.  Life is good;)