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Sweetwater's Homework Policy
Posted On:
Monday, August 08, 2016

Homework is defined as any required study assigned to be done outside the regular class time or as the completion of required class work.  Research in this area indicates a positive correlation between homework and student achievement.  Proper employment of this method of instruction is essential to quality education and is both endorsed and encouraged.

Effective use of homework reinforces, extends, and enriches classroom learning.  It helps students to synthesize and integrate material, provides opportunities for learning from a variety of sources, encourages self-discipline and responsibility, promotes organizational and time management skills, and establishes a window through which parents can view their children's learning activities and progress.  Homework is intended to foster positive attitudes toward school, improve academic-related behaviors, generate interest in subject matter, improve communication between home and school, and encourage parental involvement in their children's education.

Homework expectations increase in proportion to a child's age, grade level, and experience in school.

Kindergarten:  Homework is usually limited to special projects and activities involving parent participation.

First and Second Grades:  Most students can expect 15 to 30 minutes of required homework each night.

Third Grade:  Most students can expect 30 to 45 minutes of required homework each night.

Fourth and Fifth Grades:  Most students can expect 30 to 60 minutes of required homework each night.

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