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The following guidelines apply to Media Center use:

1.  A computer is used to check out materials to students.  Each student is assigned a computer number which will be his/her number for the entire time he/she is a student at Sweetwater.

2.  Students check out books for ten (10) school days.  Books may then be checked out for an additional ten (10) school days, if desired.  Magazines, encyclopedias, and other reference materials may not be checked out.

3.  A student with books that are overdue may have his/her checkout privileges restricted.  No overdue fines are charged.

4.  Please report lost books to the media specialist, who will allow the student time to look for the book.  If the book is not found, the student is expected to pay the replacement cost of the book.

5.  Damaged books must be paid for in proportion to the extent of damage incurred.  If books are damaged beyond repair, the full replacement price is charged.