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Music Class

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Welcome to Music!

Music Room Rules

1. Respect Others

2. Respect Yourself

3. Respect ALL Equipment

4. Participate and HAVE FUN! :)


Always sit T.A.M.E.

Tail in your seat, Arms to yourself, Mouths closed, Eyes forward


 - Negative Consequences -

1. Verbal Warning

2. Move your seat

3. Rest Area

4. Note to Parents

5. Principal’s Office


+ Positive Consequences +

1. Verbal Praise

2. Brag to homeroom teacher

3. Place on Mrs. Bishop’s Superhero Wall of Fame – Positive call home

4. Brag to Dr. Martin – Name announced on the intercom

5. Special treat! (Ice cream, Be the teacher for the day, Small prize, etc.)



Each day your child is in my room (once or twice a week), a grade will be given. This grade will be based on the following: PARTICIPATION, BEHAVIOR, and CONTENT, and will be shown as S – Satisfactory, N – Needs Improvement, and U – Unsatisfactory.